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To survive in today’s competitive business environment, your organization has to advertise. It can be a daunting task figuring out what channel or channels to utilize for your advertising, but rest assured with radio reaching over 93% of adults (12+), your customers are listening to at least one of our stations.

Check out our blog posts on radio advertising for more information, or if you’re ready to get in touch with our knowledgeable staff, click below.

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To get your message across, we felt like radio was the best avenue. Radio gives us a way to brand our store. With the Zimmer stations you have six stations to reach who you need to reach…Zimmer controls the market.

John, Henkle's Ace Hardware

I was reluctant to do radio for a long time but I was convinced to give it a try. It’s easy to make changes, and when using it consistently, you get results. I could see the bottom line increase.

Bob, Flames

Why Radio?

Radio’s success is rooted in the emotional connection between a radio station (and its personalities) and its listeners. Radio’s theater of the mind can take you on an emotional journey by playing a song you haven’t heard in a decade or by cutting into regular programming with breaking news.

The spoken word of radio isn’t constricted by the edges of a paper or by the corners of a screen. Radio is the constant companion you take with you wherever you go.

Audio is incredibly powerful, with auditory images lasting longer than visual ones. People prefer speaking in person or talking on the phone rather than reading an email or a letter. Think about learning the ABCs. If you’re like most Americans, you learned your ABCs through song. If you’re a parent, you’ll never forget the first word you heard your child speak. Words matter.

Beyond the power of audio, radio is incredibly effective at targeting particular groups of people. If your business wants to reach younger males, a rock station could make sense. If you want to capture a younger female audience, for example, you would want to advertise on a Top 40 station. Find out how to choose the right station for your business.

Finally radio, unlike TV, has low to no production costs. This means your money is actually being invested in targeting a particular audience and building frequency in their minds.

  • Radio reaches 93% of people (12+) each week (RADAR)
  • Radio advertising results in an average sales increase of $6 for every $1 spent (Nielsen)
  • Radio has the highest monthly reach with 259.7 million people (12+) beating TV with 253.3 million (Nielsen)
  • Radio remains the favorite source of in-car entertainment by 81% of drivers (IPSOS)
  • Radio listeners (75%) tune in because they know their favorite personalities are on the air (RAB)
  • Radio listeners (52%) stated their favorite on-air personalities influence their opinions (RAB)
  • Radio attracts new customers
  • Radio drives in-store traffic
  • Radio drives online engagement
  • Radio connects with on-the-go consumers
  • Radio is targetable and cost-effective
  • Radio is intrusive and breaks through to busy listeners


Radio Endorsements

According to various studies, radio listeners (75%) tune in because they know their favorite personalities are on the air. Furthermore, over half of listeners say that their favorite on-air personalities influence their opinions.

Advertising and getting the word out about your business can be difficult, so let our on-air personalities do the heavy lifting for you. By attaching your brand to some of the Four State’s most popular and trusted personalities, you immediately make a connection with our thousands of listeners.

Having difficulty getting traffic to your store? Partner with a popular radio jock and have them make a recommendation on your behalf. Endorsements are one of the best ways to leverage word-of-mouth advertising and boost sales.

Plus, on-air endorsements are part of our stations’ programming content so you do not have to worry about consumers missing your commercials.

Watch Randy Brooks from KIX 102.5 explain how to use endorsements effectively.

We’ve had success certainly with Zimmer…sometimes our reaction time needs to be quick and other times it’s more about planting the seed for future business. It works well for us both ways.

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Live Broadcasts

Need a big turnout for an upcoming promotion or event?  Live broadcasts, or remotes, bring the party to your place of business. Consider taking advantage of a Zimmer live broadcast to drive people to your business and to deliver the advertising results you desire.

Use our on-air personalities as a megaphone to announce your business’ event to thousands of Four State listeners.

Live broadcasts work best when the advertiser ensures the atmosphere surrounding the event is fun and exciting enough to make listeners want to attend. This can be accomplished with a great contest, offer, or idea.

Live broadcasts are particularly effective for new store openings and for driving traffic to your place of business.

Watch this video to see Thom Watts of Classic Hits 93.9 promoting a very successful live broadcast from New Year’s 2016.

Consider a Live Remote for:

  • Seasonal Sales

  • Open Houses

  • Special Promotions and Events

  • Anniversaries

Plan Your Live Remote Today


The real goal of advertising is to have your ads be remembered long after they have been seen or heard. One of the best ways to make sure your message is remembered is by using music.  In the advertising world it’s called a jingle!

Having a good jingle for your business can virtually guarantee listeners will be singing your song which helps them remember you when they need what you offer.  

Like a good neighbor ____ is there!

I'm Lovin' It

____ is on Your Side

Zimmer Radio is proud to be the Four States Area’s only partner of one of the nation’s premier creative voices and jingle creators, Bill Turpen. Bill has developed musical images for over 5,000 clients nationwide and dozens of jingles for local businesses.

Bill’s close relationship with industry insiders such as Roy Williams and Chuck Mefford keeps him on top of the changing world of marketing. Learn more about Bill’s work and the power a jingle can bring to your business at Bill Turpen’s website.

Take a listen to some of our local jingles!

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