The real goal of advertising is to have your ads be remembered long after they have been seen or heard. One of the best ways to make sure your message is remembered is by using music.  In the advertising world it’s called a jingle!

Having a good jingle for your business can virtually guarantee listeners will be singing your song which helps them remember you when they need what you offer.  

Like a good neighbor ____ is there!

I'm Lovin' It

____ is on Your Side

One of the nation’s premier creative voices and jingle creators is Bill Turpen.

Since 1993, Bill has developed musical images for over 5,000 clients nationwide.

Bill’s close relationship with industry insiders such as Roy Williams and Chuck Mefford keeps him on top of the changing world of marketing.

He’s written dozens of jingles for small business right up the road in Springfield, Missouri and now he’s extending his services to Four State businesses.

Learn more about Bill’s work and the power a jingle can bring to your business at Bill Turpen’s website.

Take a listen to some of our local jingles!

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