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The secret to a healthy business and successful marketing is branding. In order to brand your business, you have to tell your message in a consistent, compelling way that resonates with consumers.

  • Branding is being the first business people think of when they need your type of product or service!

At Zimmer, we use a system called Bricks and Mortar to tell your business’ story.

The first key is finding your difference maker. After learning about your business, our marketing consultants work with you to determine your difference maker, that unique quality that separates you from your competition. Your difference maker has to be a memorable promise that only you can claim and keep.

Once we’ve established your difference maker, we map out a plan to effectively tell your story throughout the year.

We use a system called Bricks and Mortar.

The bricks are the stories that dramatize your difference maker. Typically, we craft 6-8 bricks a year over a period of a year. Our marketing consultants and creative services team are trained to write compelling stories that connect emotionally with listeners. Once you’ve told listeners one story, or laid one brick, you move onto the next brick.

The mortar represents the consistent elements in your marketing message. Your bricks change throughout the year, but your mortar stays the same so consumers can immediately recognize your company’s voice. Mortar is the cement that holds your strategy together. It could be your jingle, the music bed you use, you voicing your own message, your print logo, etc.

Bricks and mortar story-telling has been used by hundreds of small business transforming them into great local brands.