Our advertising partners allow us to do what we love. Without the support of these organizations, we could not provide news, entertainment, and information to our thousands of listeners for free.

We train our sales staff to make sure we get results for these advertising partners. In order to get results, we stick to a simple, yet very effective process.

Our Process

First, we find out how, and if, we can help your business by conducting a Customer Needs Analysis (CNA). We find out what kind of campaign you might need, action or awareness, based on your marketing goals.
Next we develop a plan to help you accomplish your marketing goals. During this process, our Creative Services Department will help tell your unique story. We focus on what actually separates you from your competition and develop a compelling, creative message that will resonate with our listeners and get you results.
Commit to the plan. Advertising is an investment that when done correctly will deliver your business profitable returns. The keys to a successful campaign are Frequency and Consistency. Repeating your unique, compelling message is how you will win over customers.
We are in this for the long haul and want you to be as well. We will work with you to monitor your campaign and make any necessary adjustments. Successful brands take years to build.
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