Why Does Radio Work?

  • Radio reaches 93% of people (12+) each week (RADAR)
  • Radio advertising results in an average sales increase of $6 for every $1 spent (Nielsen)
  • Radio has the highest monthly reach with 259.7 million people (12+) beating TV with 253.3 million (Nielsen)
  • Radio remains the favorite source of in-car entertainment by 81% of drivers (IPSOS)
  • Radio listeners (75%) tune in because they know their favorite personalities are on the air (RAB)
  • Radio listeners (52%) stated their favorite on-air personalities influence their opinions (RAB)
  • Radio reaches 67 million millenials each week, up 9% from 2015 (RADAR)
  • Radio attracts new customers
  • Radio promotes repeat business
  • Radio drives in-store traffic
  • Radio drives online engagement
  • Radio connects with on-the-go consumers
  • Radio is intimate. Our business is based on our bond with our listeners
  • Radio boosts morale
  • Radio is targetable and cost-effective
  • Radio is intrusive and breaks through to busy listeners
  • Radio is the only medium that utilizes theater of the mind to paint a unique picture in the listener’s mind

“Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.”

-Henry Ford

“You can close your eyes, but you cannot close your ears.”

I have a lot of customers come in and say, “Hey, I just heard you on the radio.” I’ve had more hits from this than any other advertising I’ve done.

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