Here’s our process in action. We love what we do, so nothing makes us happier than seeing our advertisers succeed.

Advertising with Zimmer works, but don’t just take our word for it. Listen to these Four State business leaders discuss how they’ve been able to successfully brand their businesses.

Watch our partners’ success stories below:

John Henkle discusses how radio helps him get the word out to listeners about Henkle’s Ace Hardware’s level of service and wide range of products. John discusses how radio allows him to target different consumers by advertising on different stations.

Tyler discusses how we became the owner of Quiznos. He discusses how we overcame his concerns about advertising and the boost in sales he’s seen since partnering with Zimmer Radio. Watch his video to find out more about his success.

Dale Stroud discusses the success of Allied Restaurant Supply. Dale explains that radio has boosted his sales by over 20%. Find out more about Allied Restaurant Supply and his opinion on working with Zimmer.

Jen Smith explains that out of all the Joplin advertising she did, radio was the primary driver of customers to her business, The Fancy Farmer. Click to watch the video to find out more about her business.

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Listen to more of our partners’ success stories below: